• “Archangel Michael”II

    acrylic on wooden panel, 20cm/29cm 2010 Archangel Michael is one of the 7 archangels in the Christianity, also viewed as a main commander of Army of God and protector of Heaven’s door. He’s a patron saint of the soldiers and in general – all the people, connected to the army. His feast day is 8th …

  • “The Virgin Enthroned”II

    acrylic and gold on wooden panel

  • “St. Stephen”

    acrylic and gold on wooden panel, private collection, 35cm/60cm  2009 Saint Stephen is a Christian archdeacon, whose name means “crown” – he’s invested with the crown of martyrdom for the Christianity as he’s the first martyr in the New Testament. His feast day is 27th December.

  • “Saints Cyril and Methodius”

    egg tempera, acrylic and gold on wooden panel, 2010